What We're Doing

We’re preparing kids for the future. How? By providing scholarships to teens who can manage money and have some fun along the way. By giving teachers the tools they need to engage students in personal finance. By arming parents with the financial advice every teen needs to hear. And more…


We partner with key national nonprofits and economic education organizations to provide scholarships and support.

The H&R Block Budget Challenge

The H&R Block Budget Challenge is a free online game that simulates real life as an adult: paying bills, managing expenses, saving money, investing in retirement, paying taxes and more. Participants play classroom against classroom and students against students in this learning-by-doing simulation to win college scholarships.

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DECA — Personal Financial Literacy Event 2016

The Personal Financial Literacy Event tests students’ personal finance knowledge and is designed to measure their ability to apply reliable information and systematic decision making to personal financial decisions. DECA members can compete for more than $7,000 in scholarships from H&R Block.

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