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H&R Block Offers Grants to Teachers Nationwide

Teachers need online votes to secure curriculum; increase teens’ financial fitness

(Kansas City, Mo.) — How many parents would hand over the family budget for their teenager to manage? Not many. And probably with good reason. Statistics show that only 15 percent of teens receive any formal personal finance education before graduation1 and 50 percent of high school seniors fail when tested on basic personal finance2. Many teens leave high school unprepared to balance a checkbook, pay bills and avoid debt, but teachers nationwide are working to change that and H&R Block has committed $500,000 to helping them.

Through H&R Block Dollars & Sense, the company provides personal finance curriculum grants to interested teachers each year. Hundreds of high schools vie for the Virtual Business® – Personal Finance software and curriculum H&R Block Dollars & Sense provides, and this year the public is being asked to help determine grant recipients. Through April 15, anyone who visits can view the list of applicants, read why each school wants personal finance curriculum, and cast a daily vote for their school(s) of choice. Through this process, 250 schools will receive interactive curriculum that takes students through 18 real-life scenarios covering budgeting, credit scores, debt management, bill paying and more in a fun environment.

“H&R Block works with millions of clients each year and we know regardless of age, geography and income, people experience financial stress and are always interested in seeing their money grow,” said Kathy Collins, vice president of brand for H&R Block. “H&R Block Dollars & Sense is not only an opportunity for us to support local schools and give back to the communities we serve, it’s also a way for us to empower kids for a strong financial future.”

Teaching Teens About Money

Parents commonly cite money among the most difficult topics to discuss with their teens, but the price of not having the conversations is too high to pay.

“Financial stress can be damaging to teens’ health,” said Dr. Brad Klontz, a financial psychologist and author who works with H&R Block Dollars & Sense. “High school is a critical time for teens to learn important financial lessons before they are out on their own. Helping teenagers understand concepts such as credit and compound interest early can build confidence, reduce stress and set them on the right track for their financial future.”

For more information about H&R Block Dollars & Sense, to vote for a school, or to read Dr. Klontz’s tips for talking to teens about money, visit

1National Endowment for Financial Education

2Jumpstart Coalition for Financial Literacy

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