About Dollars & Sense

When tested on general financial knowledge, nearly 50% of high school seniors fail. We’re working to change that. H&R Block is committed to helping teens learn how to manage finances – so the kids of today become the financially responsible adults of tomorrow.

Our History

H&R Block has a proud history of working to better our communities nationwide. One of our many charitable efforts include Dollars & Sense – H&R Block’s commitment to increasing the financial fitness of American teens. H&R Block Dollars & Sense was created in 2009 to help give young people the understanding they need to manage their personal finances.

We see millions of clients each year from every income level and know that concerns about money are universal and personal. So H&R Block set out to give this generation America’s youth the knowledge and confidence to manage its own financial future.

We’re making greater strides with every passing year and there is still work to be done. But this is a goal we are committed to achieving. Because at H&R Block, we see a great value to teaching kids the true value of their dollars.