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Financial education, that is. When kids learn about personal finances, they grow up to be financially responsible adults. That’s why H&R Block is working with parents, teachers, and students to give young people the knowledge they need to manage their money. Because when we invest in teaching them now, the returns benefit everyone.
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It’s a conversation every parent must have with his or her child. Yes, we’re talking about managing personal finances. Here are some helpful ideas for how parents can teach their kids to become financially responsible adults.
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As much as kids may not want to admit it, parents are right, money does not grow on trees. But with some knowledge and understanding about personal finances, you can grow your money. Here are some helpful tips for teens on how to save, manage, and protect their money.
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It’s an age-old question. “How do you get kids interested in learning?” We’ve got some ideas. Here are some tools for teachers to help them get students engaged in and excited about their financial education.
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(This post was originally posted on Block Talk.) “A teacher affects eternity…” said American historian Henry Adams. Those true words ring especially sweet today, as the United States marks its national Teacher Appreciation Day. Although we celebrate and value our teachers throughout the year, this is an especially important time to recognize their hard work. In the White House’s 2015 proclamation for the day, it issued a statement saying teachers “…teach the subjects and skills that will fuel the next century of growth and innovation, as well as the virtues and values … that will prepare their students to take on the challenges Read More »
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